Friday, September 28, 2012

Raising Boys World Article #5: On Boys and Noise

Hello readers!

Yesterday, my fifth article for Raising Boys World (RBW) was published!

I was invited a while back by this awesome website to be a monthly, contributing writer for them - but summer was incredibly busy - what with all of that raising boys that I do - and having them all at home with me required me to slow down a wee bit on the writing thang. 

In the meantime, RBW has continued to be incredibly supportive of my writing and this blog and left a standing invitation for me to submit articles.

So here we go again!

To read my past articles for RBW, please click here.

This new piece is about how incredibly loud life is when your home is full of members of the male persuasion. I am quite experienced with this as I have three little boys and a husband...but also grew up with 2 younger brothers.

Two of my three boys playing their "drums" and singing.

So here is the link:

As always, thanks to Tara, Renee and the entire RBW family for continuing to publish my work and for their on-going support and wonderful website!



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  1. You are an incredibly talented writer Lora! I can't believe how often you post and how often your articles are published...all while raising three (noisy!) boys! I have boys myself and this article made me laugh! I look forward to your blogs. They are day-brighteners!
    Thank you! Annabella