Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wellx Article #24: On Taking Risks

Howdy all!

As I always do, I will begin by pointing you in the direction of my first twenty-four articles published by Wellx here.

In this piece... I discuss taking risks - something I work on improving - and it has been a life-long struggle. But I am getting better at it...and so can you!

Or are you a risk-taker? If so...I would love to hear from you! How has taking risks improved your life...or not?

I am so happy to continue to work with WellnessX and share my thoughts with you and wellness professionals around the world.

Here's the link!

Thanks as always to Brad and Mel and everyone at WellnessX for continuing to share my work and for their on-going support and great work with the wellness community!



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  1. Wow! How do you do it all? I say you take many risks by putting yourself out there and sharing your personal stories with all of us! I don;t know that I would have the I were a writer! Kudos to you Lora...and keep those great posts and articles coming! Best...Liona Farver