Thursday, October 04, 2012

Project Reinvention Intervention

"Turning 40 is horrible. People who say it isn't are full of shit!"
 - Sofia Vergara

As I have told you too many times, I just turned 39.


And I came up with this big, majestic plan to reinvent myself.

New me.

And I'm worth it!
Or so they tell me.

Not that the old (or perhaps I should say young!) or current me was or is completely least I don't think so...but I just know that I have some changes I need to make and I thought 40 would be a good time to finally get my ass in gear.

I made Vision Journals and everything!

Except my ass seems to be stuck in neutral.

Some days it is actually in reverse.

I'm ass-backwards is what I am some days!

Maybe Sofia is right. Maybe turning 40 is supposed to be shit.

Is there ANYTHING about this photo of (reportedly, the highest paid TV actress) Sofia that suggests that her life at 40 is "shit"?
Shuddup woman!

So, me thinks an intervention is in order.

Do they do shows for procrastination addicts?
I guess that really is what it is all about.
Procrastinating breaking bad habits.

You see...I keep on pushing back (or is it up?) the day that I am really, truly gonna start this project in full force.

First, it was September 17th - my 40th birthday.

Then came the celebrations - of course with the dinner out, the cake, the ice cream...yadda, yadda, frickin' yadda.

Then...all of a sudden (as if I didn't know it was coming!)...10 days was my son's 11th birthday on September 27th.

And I always put on a sugar-coated splash for my kids' birthdays...and what kind of mother would I be not to participate? I can't let my children eat candy and cake alone!

I do tend to go a little nuts with the goodies!

And as I write this is October 1.

New month...and on a Monday too! start!

...and fresh shirts!

But behold! Canadian Thanksgiving is this coming weekend! How can I possibly start Project Reinvention just before the greatest comfort food holiday of the year!?!??

Umm. Yum.

So after Thanksgiving.

That will be the time to start.

But I know me.

And I know what will be just around the corner from Thanksgiving.

October 22 will be both my youngest son's 2nd birthday as well as my mom's birthday. More cake. More food. More excuses.

And then...of course...Halloween.

Boo! Hoo!

And I am not a big candy fan.

But chocolate?

Help me!

Oh...well then the following weekend, we are travelling to The Windy City - yes Chicago! - for a hockey tournament (and to visit Oprah if we can squeeze her in between games) - and I rather enjoy deep-dish pizza.

Oh help me Oprah!


Then we will be getting close to Christmas.

Might as well wait until New Year's like every other Tom, Dick and Harry!

Yes. As I said...





I need some tough love.

And I'm gonna give it to myself if I have to (I am warning you now!)

Actually...I really know that I just need to love myself a little more.

Enough to stop this bull-shit and get on the wagon for the full hay-ride!

Yes...hi there!
I will be joining y'all real soon now, ya hear?

So my current goal is to eat a hearty, Thanksgiving meal and then get on that wagon.

I will enjoy all those famous, family comfort foods...and then ride off into the Project Reinvention sunset.

And please...please...Lora...let yourself shine and sparkle!



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