Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bear's Bear-y First Hockey Game!

"Comfort was allowed to come to them rare, welcome, unsought: a gift like joy."
 - Ursula K. LeGuin

My youngest son just turned 2.

And his name is Drew.

"Hey! That rhymed!
My mom is a poet and she doesn't know it!"

My older two sons - Noah, 8 and Julian, 11 both play hockey.

...and they are pretty happy about it!

A LOT of hockey.

Especially Julian as he plays at the "AA" level - which is competitive or "rep" hockey. He plays for The Mississauga Braves.

We spend a great deal of time at hockey rinks.

A while back, I told you all about Drew and his "creature comfort" (and I mentioned the creature comforts of my other boys as well - which they will be mortified about...especially Julian because he is cool now you if you are reading this and go back and read that...please don't mention it. Especially to his teammates! Thank you.)

Please don't tell Julian you know about "doggie".

Anyhoo...about a week ago, I was at a hockey rink in Toronto watching Julian play an evening hockey game.

All seemed well in the world...

My husband playing at home with Drew.

 ...until I got a call from my husband that went something like this:

"Do you know where Bear is?"

" Did you really look for him?"

...and I start to hide. Uh oh. This is not gonna end well.

"Yeah...I have looked everywhere. Drew won't go down to bed. He is freaking out. This is an official 'Amber Alert' on Bear."

Almost bed time! Now where is Bear?

Did you just say you can't find Bear?

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shit! Uhhhhh.....yeah. I just remembered. Drew we freaking out before going to pre-school and didn't want to let go of Bear so I let him bring him in the car...and...uhhhhhh...I think he is still there."

No hiding now Mom.
(And not my husband's favourite person at the moment.  I don't blame him.)

"In your car?"

"Frick. Yeah. In my car. Here at the rink. Maybe he can sleep with Monkey."

"Ummm....well...I'll try. He is not happy."

"I'm so sorry."


Uh-oh. This was not a good situation.

Bad Mommy alert!!!

You see, Bear is Drew's very, very, very best friend. And stupidly - we only have one of him. They no longer sell the little bugger at IKEA and we were dumb enough to give him Bear - who he latched on to very quickly - without having back-up.

Now, when Drew returns home from anywhere (we TRY not to let Bear leave the house for fear of losing him), inevitably, the first words out of his mouth are "Oh Baaaaaa-ooooo! Way aaaaaaaaaaaa yooouuuuu!"

This goes on until his best friend is snuggled in his chubby little arms.

And so...about ten minutes later, I get another call from my husband. I can hear Drew wailing in the background.


"I'm coming out there. I'm driving to the rink to get Bear."

"You are gonna drive all the way out here just to get him?"

"Yeah. Can you go and make SURE you have him before I do that?"

So I run out or the rink to the parking lot, open my car door, and sure enough...there sits little Bear.

"What have I DONE????!!!???"

"Yeah...he's here. I'll bring him in with me and just call me when you get here and I will run him out to you. Again, I am really sorry."

"OK...see you in a bit."

So...what else could I do?

I decided to make the best of the situation.

One day you will laugh about this Drew.
I already am.

Bear is an important member of the Rossi family, so I thought it was only fitting that I take this opportunity to introduce him to hockey.

And so as he waited to be reunited with his BFF...Bear enjoyed his very first hockey game.

"Hey everyone! Check me out! I am at the armpit of Toronto - Weston Arena!
Could you not have picked a more sophisticated rink dude?"

Bear enjoying the game with me.

"Dear Drew,
I am sorry you are not here to enjoy the game with me.
I miss you. But I am having fun with your Mama.
See you soon!
Bear xo

"Shhhh. Team huddle.
We are winning 7-1 at this point, but let's continue to crush-em!

"Oh Julian! Julian!!!! JULIAN!!!
Hey Rossi! Can't you at least acknowledge my esteemed presence at your game?
Dude! Drew would totally wave to me if he were you.
Since when did you become Mr. Cool Guy?

"Super Close-Up! on!"

"Wow...that was pretty rad!
I hope I can come again...but next time with my BFF Drew!"

And then I got the call that Bear's loyal companion Drew was awaiting him in my husband's truck outside. Bear was having a really great time...and on-lookers were staring at me taking these and this little, raggedy, old stuffed though I was several steps short of a ladder...but that's fine. I don't really care about looking like a fool.

After all...I kind of am one.

I mean...I left Bear in my car. All alone. In the cold.

But he had an adventure...and one day, Drew will see this and hopefully forgive me.




  1. That is so cute Lora! You never know what you are gonna get when visiting your blog. I love that! These little stories are funny and heart-warming. i love seeking pics of your boys...and your trademark 'expression" faces are so funny! Love them! Glad little Bear had fun at the hockey game and got back to your little boy. As a Canadian mom myself...I can relate to much of what you write about! I look forward to reading more. Smiles (as you always say!) Fiona Simms

  2. Oh...and one more thing. Try EBay or CraigsList for a "backup" Bear. Probably won't be the may have to rough him up a little by the looks of how loved the "real" Bear looks...but I know from experience that having a spare is a good thing! I am guessing your husband would agree after that little adventure! Just a thought! Fiona