Monday, November 05, 2012

Flipping Decor Mags!

As you probably know, I am a decor magazine junkie.

And I read a LOT of them.

Hey...I dig decorating.

But I have a few issues.

Now in the grand scheme of things, my pet-peeves with certain decor magazines are trite and really quite unimportant, but I was just looking at one and it was driving me nutty.

No. "Nutty" the squirrel was not driving me (or Barbie for that matter).
But I am calling the authorities about this apparent dog hit and run incident.

Besides the fact that most decor mags talk about 7000 sq. ft. "cottages" that are really summer homes, or vacation mansions and "inexpensive" decor options, siting IKEA (OK...that IS common sense and not too expensive!) and other stores that fall on MY personal "expensive" decor option lists (I like to shop at Goodwill, Value Village, Talize and The Salvation Army for decor items myself!)...there is something else that gets my goat.

Yo babe...that is MY goat!
(But I will trade ya for those sexy glasses and your  styling' sweatshirt!)

I really find it annoying when you are reading an article about a home, or an interview with a designer, or whatever...and you have to keep flipping to the back of the magazine to read the rest of the piece!

I know...not a big deal...but still annoying!

I'm glad to see you agree Adele...although that is not the "flipping" I was referring to.

Especially in a "home shelter" magazine (as they like to call them in the design world...which I like to pretend I am a part of - ha!) - where you are trying to read and look at the images at the same time...flipping back and forth makes my eyes cross - which is not particularly comfortable, nor attractive.

One of my favourite decor mags (OK, I am not really a part of the design world, I admit!), is Canadian House & Home. I love it! But I am annoyed by all the flipping peeps!

Am I alone here?

Maybe I am.

I feel so alone,

But there are some magazines that seem to have picked up on readers' annoyances with the "frustration of the flip" issue.

Another one of my decor mag staples is Style at Home. Another great, Canadian publication that I rarely miss. And to you Style at Home, I say "Thank you!"

You have come to your senses and given your magazine a style update (which seems fitting, given your name!)

No more flipping!!!

Another magazine I appreciate for its no-flip set-up is the American publication Better Homes and Gardens. While I admit that I truly do enjoy my two Canadian decor mags the best - given their Canadian content, designer profiles and shopping guides, etc...BH&G is right up there.

And flipping!

I love all decor mags really...but the three I just mentioned are my go-tos for design info and inspiration.

And I know I have done this before - but it deserves another mention - the now defunct Domino magazine - it was American - was the epitome of decor and design inspiration! How I miss thee!

I am glad that Domino now releases occasional "special editions" - and when I see a new one on the magazine rack at the store my heart literally skips a beat - but I am sad that the regular, monthly magazine is no longer. Even the magazines I mentioned above misses Domino! They have all mentioned this - I guess because it is no longer their competition.


I am kinda going off topic here....but when don't I?

House Beautiful is another decor magazine (American) that does not make me flip. I have to is not up there with my top sources as mentioned above...but it has some quality content and I do check it out sometimes.

I actually just finished this issue. this was a pretty lame post.

But thanks to the decor mags that don't flip me out!



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