Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Movember Madness!

I am not a big fan of moustaches.

My thoughts on moustaches.

I don't mind them if they are married with other forms of facial hair...like a nice goatee or on some, a well-groomed beard.

But the stand-alone 'stache kinda screams a few things to me:

1. I am an American cop (not that there is anything wrong with that. Love American cops!)

Hey...he has a gun. No argument here!

...not to be confused with the Canadian cop.
This particular cop being my son Noah.

2. I am, or wish I was, a member of The Village People (not that there is anything wrong with that. Love The Village People. In fact...I feel a song-and-dance number coming on!...)


3. I am a hockey player in the playoffs (not that there is anything wrong with that. Love hockey players...eh!)

OK...really it is about the beard...but usually that goes hand in hand...or...errr...nose in mouth (?) with a moustache.

4. I think I look like Magnum P.I. and I am as cool as him too (not that there is anything wrong with that. Love Magnum P.I. Right up there with American cops!)

Dudes - you probably don't look like this.
Reality check.

Now there are a few people of note who are allowed - by me - to sport a moustache year-round:

1. Tom Selleck. He trademarked that thing and when he does not have one, he looks like part of his face is missing.

Tom wish the 'stache

Tom without the 'stache

2. Wendell Clark. And he even has the handle-bars going on. But how am I...or who is ANYONE for that matter, to tell the great, Canadian, hockey legend Wendell whether or not he should shave?

Now if you don't know who Wendell Clarke is...first of all...shame on you! But you are probably not Canadian...or at least not interested in hockey...so I'll forgive you.

Most famous as #17 for The Toronto Maple Leafs - Wendell Clark

But trust me. You DON'T want to tell Wendell what do do. If you don't believe me, just YouTube some of his best (or worst...depending on how you look at it!) hockey fights and then you'll understand.
Want a few examples? Here you go!

3. Freddie Mercury. OK...the dude is no longer alive, I realize. But as one of the greatest voices in music...not to mention an icon...his moustache just fit him.

Freddie. RIP.

4. Charlie Chaplain. Do I really need to explain? Didn't think so.


Also Charlie. Not sure I have ever seen him 'stache-free.
Pretty handsome actually!

5. Any member of The Village People. Because they are The Village People.

6. Hulk Hogan. Kinda like Wendell.

Hulk Hogan. Strong like Wendell.
But not as cool.

7. Chuck Liddell. UFC fighter. See Wendell and Hulk. Time ten.

I would not mess with this man over his facial hair choices!

8. The Swedish Chef and the two grumpy, old dudes in the opera box on The Muppets. In fact, any muppet. They are muppets for God's sake! And that makes them eternally awesome!


OK, so one of them has a traditional moustache on his upper lip. But no eyebrows.
The other one has an upside down moustache where his eyebrows should be.
And that's just fine.
9. Salvador Dali. Because is was a genius.

Now THAT is a moustache Sal!
10. Albert Einstein. Another genius. Who am I to argue?


OK...there are others. Like Hitler...who may have had a famous moustache but does not make my list because he was one of the most evil people ever to walk the earth. (I wish Chuck Liddell could go back in a time machine and met up with him in a dark alley way. Enough said.)

But on to what the post is really all about. Yes...I digress.

November has now become Movember.

What is Movember you ask?

Well...you should know. But if you don't...here goes.

Movember is the only month whereby men of all walks of life...from the straight-laced accountants to the butcher, the baker and the candle-stick maker.

Now I happen to know a pretty straight-laced accountant myself. His name is Paul and he is one of my younger brothers. I talked all about him here if ya wanna get to know him better.

Paul is usually pretty clean-shaven because that is his look and because...well...he is a Chartered Accountant and needs to look all professional and corporate and all that. Also...his facial hair growth is pretty slow moving...so that could also be a reason.

Anyhoo...Paul has jumped into the Movember spirit with guns-a-blazin' (did I just say that?) - and I must say, I am proud of his efforts thus far.

Here are a few progress pics:

Paul with his clean-shaven look.
Paul is the bigger guy.
The little dude is his son - my sweet nephew Rowan.

One week in.
He looks more like my other bro Matt here.
Paul agreed with me when I pointed this out!

Two week wonder-'stache!
Looking more like a cheesy used car salesman.
(Not that there is anything wrong with that!)

And that is all he has sent me thus far.

But good on ya bro!

My thought on Movember Mos!

Here - in Paul's words - is his motivation behind getting his Mo-jo on:

"Awesome cause to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer and Men's mental health issues...and of course, it's a great excuse to get "permission" at home to grow a wicked Mo!"

If you want to join in the action, please visit Paul's Movember Page here and leave a word of encouragement, make fun of him (just kidding...sort of!) or make a donation!

Men's heath issues are important to recognize and are sometimes over-shadowed by (equally important) health issues related to women. 

So "Yo!" to my bro for getting in the know...and growing his Mo!

Love ya Paul!



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