Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Raising Boys World Article #7: What the Puck?!!?

Howdy folks!

Today, my seventh article for Raising Boys World (RBW) was published!

To read my past articles for RBW, please click here.

This new piece take a closer look at my crazy life as a Canadian, hockey mom.

I first wrote about this topic in my first article published by What's Up Magazine entitled Confessions of a Hockey Mom.  

The issue in which my first article was published.
(See at the bottom on the purple there?)

I was a little newer to the lifestyle back then, and since...well...things have gotten quite a bit crazier (...and only two of my three sons play. Has it only just begun?!?)

So here is the link:

As always, thanks to Tara, Renee and the entire RBW family for continuing to publish my work and for their on-going support and wonderful website!



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