Sunday, December 02, 2012

Name That Pickle Dish

"I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny."
 - Dr. Seuss (The Cat in the Hat)

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I don't think this is what The Cat in the Hat was referring to!

So my mom and I recently had a rare lunch out - just the two of us - at The Pickle Barrel.

No matter what kind of mood I am in, I always find myself laughing when I am with my mom.

My mom and I on my wedding day.

I could be crying for most of the time, but somehow she manages to make me see the "funny" in any situation - either directly, or by distraction.

My mom and I - probably in the late 1970s at Blue Mountain.

Now I was in a pretty neutral mood on this day. Not overly exuberant nor dreary. (Later in the day I came down with a nasty case of something that lead me to the "praising of the porcelain God" perhaps that I why I was not dancing on our table...but I will leave it at that.)

So we are enjoying our shared lunch of avocado spring rolls and baby spinach, chicken, cranberry, goat cheese and pecan salad, when I noticed a little sign standing at the end of our booth hiding the salt and pepper shakers.

Here is a picture:


The Pickle Barrel is having a contest to name a new appetizer dish that consists of breaded and fried pickles in a large onion ring, serves with a creamy dipping sauce and per the photo, a garnish of a single grape tomato and a large sprig of parsley.

And being us, we read this and immediately started to brainstorm name submission ideas.

I mean really people! How could we not!?!! There are just too many things that you can do with the name of a dish like this!

I think I started with something like "Pickles in a Barrel" or something equally as boring - albeit slightly clever. I am me after all.

And then...our brains took a swift dive into the gutter.

Pickle Spears in the Onion Hole?

Zesty Pickles Popped in the Big Hole?

Creamy Pickle Dicks in the Brew-Ha Ha Hole?

With each suggestion, we started laughing harder and harder. (No pun intended. OK...maybe it was.)'

Holy Onion Stuffed with Zesty Britney Spears Breaded Pickles?

Creamy Hole-Wrapped Tickle Pickles?

I mean...the name choices are endless! My mom and I were in phallic heaven!

And then we wondered...why did The Pickle Barrel - a family restaurant - pick (or pickle!) this particular dish for a naming contest?

Were the suits in The Pickle Barrel office smoking something? Were they asking for silly, mind-in-the-gutter name suggestions? Or are they really looking for something like "Breaded Pickle Spears and an Onion Ring"?

How boring! Surely they don't have pickles up their asses!

I mean, come on dudes!!!

So did we come up with a final name submission?

Well...not really. I am not too sure if we will actually submit this. But here is what we think the name should be:

"Cum Hither Zesty Pickle Dicks Stuffed In a Creamy Hole With Green Parsley Pubes and a Tomato Testicle"

I think it works!


I like it!

(We didn't order desert. We decided we had lost our appetite. But we left having had a great time as always!)



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