Tuesday, December 18, 2012

TreSkinRX Canada - An Update on my Skin!

A while back, I was lucky enough to be asked to be a "model" for a wonderful, natural skincare line called TreSkinRX Canada. I wrote about it worked for me and my very, sensitive skin here.

I have continued to use their products and since turning the big 4-0, I am more concerned about skincare than ever. Not only do I sometimes have the skin of a teenager...but I have the skin of someone who is (ahhhhhhh!) middle-aged.

It is confusing to try and figure out what will work for a face that is both prone to break-outs and dry-outs! How does one know how to keep acne at bay and not turn your skin in to a dry, flaky mess?

TreSkinRX Canada to the rescue!

I have been using both their "Clear Skin" program products and their "Normal Skin" program products - along with their wonderful hydrating mask for almost a year now. I switch depending on how my face is doing.

It's doing pretty well at the moment!

After having a baby just over two years ago, my hormones were a bit crazy and so was my face. This is very normal, but I felt like I was too old to be experiencing break-outs still!

Other variables such as diet, certain medications, stress-levels and weather conditions also were contributing to my issues.

So anyhoo...I was asked to be a part of this company's holiday campaign. Here are a few pics!

For more information on TreSkinRX Canada's skincare line, please visit their Facebook page here.

You can also visit their corporate website here but I strongly recommend you visit my friend Mel Jouzy's site here.

TreSkinRX Canada Launch Manager - and my friend - Mel Jouzy

Also, if you have questions, please don't hesitate to send an e-mail to treskinrxcanada@gmail.com.

Happy holidays to all of you...and your skin!



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