Sunday, January 06, 2013

Bacon is Funny!!!

"Friends are the bacon bits in the salad bowl of life."
 - Homer Simpson

Not too long ago I posted something on Facebook.

It was actually something that I had seen someone else post and it has made me laugh, and seeing I was sick and not in the best of moods, I decided to post it myself. certainly succeeded in making me chuckle...and some other people as well along the way.

Here is what I posted:

I feel like crap but just read something that made me laugh. It's called The Bacon Game. Think of a TV show name then replace one word with "bacon". Then add below as a comment. Funny, right?

Well...including my own (which were substantial!), I ended up with over 250 comments - and counting. Some were repeats...but they all proved one thing: Bacon - for a reason I can't quite explain - is funny!

Kevin Bacon...made out of...bacon!

I decided to post the comments in hopes of making you smile too! Here they are!

  • The Walking Bacon
  • The Sons of Bacon
  • Breaking Bacon
  • Bacon Bad
  • The Facts of Bacon
  • Golden Bacon
  • The Love Bacon
  • The Big Bacon Theory
  • How I Met Your Bacon
  • Law and Order: Special Bacon Unit
  • Bacon (the show was Dexter)
  • Charlie's Bacon
  • WKRP in Bacon
  • Get Bacon
  • Inside Bacon
  • The Winds of Bacon
  • Criminal Bacon
  • Bacon Strokes
  • Touched By A Bacon
  • Access Bacon
  • Bacon P.I.
  • The Late Show With Bacon
  • Doctor Bacon
  • CSI: Bacon
  • One Bacon At A Time
  • The Bacon
  • The Baconette
  • Bacon Television
  • Breakfast Bacon
  • The Barefoot Bacon
  • Bacon, She Wrote
  • Saved By The Bacon
  • The Bacon Files
  • Bacon's Anatomy
  • Rules of Bacon
  • Who's The Bacon?
  • CBC Nightly Bacon
  • Sesame Bacon
  • Cake Bacon
  • Downton Bacon
  • The Real Bacon or Orange County
  • Bacon and Robin
  • The Polka Dot Bacon
  • Here Comes Honey Boo Bacon
  • Electric Bacon
  • Bacon Idol
  • Fraggle Bacon
  • Little Bacon On The Prairie
  • Little House On The Bacon
  • Bacon House On The Prairie
  • The Bacon Squad
  • Starsky & Bacon
  • Bacon and Hutch
  • You Gotta Eat Bacon
  • The Amazing Bacon
  • Diners, Drive-Ins and Bacon
  • Let's Make A Bacon
  • The Bacon Is Right
  • Mork and Bacon
  • Whose Bacon Is It Anyway?
  • Leave It To Bacon
  • Welcome Back Bacon
  • Bacon and Son
  • Who Wants To Be A Bacon-aire?
  • Degrassi Junior Bacon
  • 21 Bacon Street
  • When Bacons Attack
  • The Bacon-Team
  • Bacon Rider
  • Deal or No Bacon
  • Canada's Worst Bacon
  • Gimme A Bacon!
  • Swamp Bacon
  • Keeping Up with the Bacon
  • Bacon Pains
  • I Love Bacon
  • Saturday Night Bacon
  • Wok With Bacon
  • Star Trek: The Bacon Generation
  • Tales of The Golden Bacon
  • War Of The Bacon
  • My Big, Fat Gypsy Bacon
  • Sons Of Bacon
  • Phineas and Bacon
  • E! True Hollywood Bacon
  • Holmes On Bacon
  • Dora The Bacon
  • Live With Kelly and Bacon
  • I Dream Of Bacon
  • Star Bacon, The Next Generation
  • Dancing With The Bacon
  • So You Think You Can Bacon, Canada
  • The Bacon Network
  • The Greatest American Bacon
  • The 20-Minute Bacon
  • Bacon Watch
  • Sex And The Bacon
  • Survivor: Bacon
  • Gossip Bacon
  • The Mary Tyler Bacon Show
  • The Dukes of Bacon
  • Wonder Bacon
  • Days Of Our Bacon
  • The Young And The Bacon
  • Bacon Montana
  • Bacon Wars
  • Hoarders: Bacon Alive
  • The Three Bacons
  • Lonely Bacon
  • The Bacon Show
  • Pretty Little Bacon
  • Modern Bacon
  • The Littlest Bacon
  • The Incredible Bacon
  • America's Got Bacon
  • America's Bacon Talent
  • The Miss Bacon Pageant
  • Curb Your Bacon
  • Joanie Loves Bacon
  • Bacon Loves Chachi
  • Pimp My Bacon
  • Bacon Hunters
  • Bacon Hunters International
  • Family Bacon
  • The Six-Million Dollar Bacon
  • Million Dollar Bacon Drop
  • Beverly Bacon, 90210
  • The $64,000 Bacon
  • That 70's Bacon
  • 60 Bacons
  • Bacon 54
  • The Bacon 48
  • 30 Bacon
  • 15 To Bacon
  • The Bacon At 11
  • The Nine Lives of Bacon
  • Eight Is Bacon
  • Bacon Is Enough
  • 7th Bacon
  • Bacon 5-0
  • Hawaii Bacon
  • 3rd Bacon From The Sun
  • Two And A Half Bacons
  • Bacon SG-1
  • Bacon Geographic
  • Wheel Of Bacon
  • Happy Bacon
  • Bacon Days
  • The Prince Of Bacon
  • Barba-bacon
  • America's Funniest Bacon Videos
  • The Bacon Wing
  • The Good Bacon
  • Desperate Bacon
  • Buffy The Bacon Slayer
  • The Bacon Diaries
  • Guiliana and Bacon
  • Extreme Makeover: Bacon Edition
  • The Conan O'Bacon Show
  • Toopy And Bacon
  • Bacon And Binoo
  • Beauty And The Beast
  • The Bacon Chef
  • Live Here, Buy Bacon
  • Bacon Night In Canada
  • Bacon Nightmares
  • Toddlers and Bacon
  • Bacon and Tiaras
  • Hill Street Bacon
  • He-Man And The Masters Of The Bacon
  • B.J. And The Bacon
  • Bacon Buddies
  • Married With Bacon
  • Bacon Court
  • Remington Bacon
  • Doogie Bacon M.D.
  • Californibacon
  • Bacon Of The Planets
  • Are You Smarter Than A 5th Bacon?
  • Bacon Swap
  • Boardwalk Bacon
  • Don't Trust The B**** In Apartment Bacon
  • Dawson's Bacon 
  • Bacon In Charge
  • Friday Night Bacon
  • Freaks and Bacon
  • Prison Bacon
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Bacon
  • Undercover Bacon
  • Say Yes To The Bacon, Atlanta
  • Law and Order: Special Bacon Unit
  • Project Bacon
  • Bacon Runway
  • Bosom Bacon
  • America's Next Bacon Model
  • Big Bacon
  • The Biggest Bacon
  • Barney And Bacon
  • Sabrina The Bacon Witch
  • Nip/Bacon
  • Come Dine With Me Bacon
  • Bacon Empire
  • Mad Bacon
  • Scooby-Bacon
  • A Bacon Story
  • Don't Forget The Bacon!
  • The Oprah Bacon Show
  • Baconhood
  • Inside The Actors Bacon
  • Inside The Actors Studio - featuring Kevin Bacon
  • Raising Bacon
  • Chicago Bacon
  • 1 Bacon, 5 Gays
  • Queer As Bacon
  • The Bacon Word
  • Bacon And A Movie
  • The Bacon Factor
  • Romper Bacon
  • Mr. Roger's Bacon
  • One Bacon At A Time
  • All In The Bacon
  • Three's Bacon
Thanks to my Facebook friends who participated in this fun little activity!

As an are "The Rules of Bacon" - as if you don't already know them!

And obviously this could go on and on...and so go for it! 

Feel free to leave your funny "Bacon Show" in a comment below.

Long live bacon!!!




  1. Modern Bacon
    Judge bacon
    The Bold and the Bacon
    The King of bacon
    The Bacon Bunch
    Hardcore bacon

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