Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hostess Neurosis

A lot of people can look at their mom and then their dad and clearly see that they take more after one or the other.

I, however, think I am a pretty good mash-up of both of my parents. I even get that I look like one or the other - depending on who you talk to.

Kinda like that.
But kinda not.

One thing I think I must have inherited from my mom is "hostess neurosis".

I read this term in the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin - which I am slowly reading as time allows.

In the book, Gretchen speaks of her own mother who got all in a tizzy before entertaining guests because she wanted all the be perfect...and Gretchen also has this trait.

Me...thinking about entertaining.

Well...my mom has always been this way. She is "the hostess with the mostess" - table perfectly set, appetizers thoughtfully arranged, la la la. She has even been known to label serving platters and bowls with labels (on the bottom) so that she is sure to know where every dish she is serving is to be placed before a larger meal is served.

My mom.
Well...it COULD be!

Now while I don't go so far as to label dishes, I DO have the "hostess neurosis" gene for sure!

The biggest difference between my mom's and mine is that she has always entertained quite a bit and always does it well.

As for me, I love the IDEA of entertaining and know I should and NEED to do it more often, but this neurosis actually is a big reason why I don't entertain often enough.

I want my home to look perfect. I want the food to be perfect. I want everyones' schedules to be perfect.

Kinda like this. 

And I know none of these things will be perfect so "eff it" I say too often.

In my head, I use the fact that I am too busy as an excuse...and I AM too busy...but so is everyone else...but I see so many other people with busy schedules and children and la la la...who still manage to entertain on a regular basis.

So...another thing I want to try and do a little more often this year is entertain family and close friends. And that should not be difficult because we have sucked at it for so many years.

I need to drop the level of "hostess neurosis" that I feel and just have people over.

Hey friends! Welcome!

Even if my home is not magazine-spread ready.

Even if we just order Chinese.

Even if it is just a 2-hour brunch because the afternoon is full of hockey games and practices.

I love my family and friends.


And I miss having them in my home.

Because whenever I do...if memory serves...we always have a good time.

Cheers to that!



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