Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I Was On HuffPost Live Peeps!

So yeah...I'm pretty famous now.

Autographs later.

Let me tell you why first.

The Huffington Post - one of the best known and well read websites on the planet contacted me about my blog.

Yes...this little bloggy-blog!

I know!!!!

Here is a little piece I found about just how big The Huffington Post is!

In case you don't want to read the whole piece...apparently (according to Yahoo News),  The Huffington Post gets about 80 million unique visitors per month and over 5 billion (yes, BILLION) page views (to compare, CNN gets about 73 uniques per month).

So's purdy huge. December, a producer from The Huffington Post show entitled HuffPost Live contacted me directly. She said she really liked my blog, particularly my series called "I'm Not Going To Let Myself Go.".

This producer asked me if I would be willing to be a panel discussion guest on the live broadcast the following day as she felt I had some interesting things to say on the topic of letting oneself go after marriage.



Now, I was really busy and also had just been diagnosed with severe bronchitis along with my baby boy. So let's just say the timing was not fabulous on this.

But as a blogger and is kinda an unwritten rule that if The Huffington Post contacts you and asks you to be a part of something they are doing...and they will in turn promote your blog, etc...then you don't hesitate.

This was a classic case of opportunity knocking, me looking and feeling like shit, but needing to answer the door regardless.

And so, I had a Skpye chat with the producer and she briefed me on the segment and what would be expected of me. And then...later that day...I put on too much makeup, drank lots of water and cough syrup and I was on the show!

Live on The Huffington Post! Me!

I know!!!

I mean, I kid. It really is not THAT big a deal, but it was kinda cool.

It's not like Oprah came a-callin', but - as I said -  The Huffington Post is one of the highest ranking news-based websites in the world, so it was pretty exciting for a little blogger like myself.

Here is my blog...and a link to my series...on The Huffington Post! is a link to the segment which aired on December 10, 2012.

(And please remember, a TV camera adds 10 pounds...but a webcam adds 50. Really.)

HuffPost Live: Keeping Up Appearances - Holding On To Your Good Looks After Marriage, December 10, 2012 

Now my view on the whole "not letting myself go" concept really goes beyond the physical aspect - as you will see if you watch.

Sure, letting one's appearance go is part of it...but I think the more important part of the conversation - especially when children come into the picture - needs to be the common issue of women letting themselves get lost in their roles as mother and wife...letting their SELVES go...physically, mentally and spiritually.

So maybe this has not really shot me to fame - but it was an honour to be asked to participate and it was a fun and interesting experience.

And to have a link to my website on there forever is kind of exciting for a little blogger gal like moi.

Enjoy the segment...and maybe I will continue my series now that it has garnered a little extra attention.

Because, I have to admit...I kind of let it go.



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  1. Congratulations, Lora. You can send my autograph to 853 Lakeview Drive; Thomasville, NC 27360 // :)