Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I Want to Be A Part Of My Life

Sometimes us Moms get to a point in our lives when we realize that motherhood has taken over.

Every aspect of our lives seem to revolve around our children.


Diapers, feeding, driving, homework, extracurricular activities, shopping, worrying, planning, appointments, birthday parties, play dates, disciplining, decisions, cleaning, laundry, explaining, nursing and...well...you know.


Obviously, my list could go on to fill a thousand posts and more. But if you are a parent...you know exactly what I mean.

Even working outside of the home involves constantly juggling responsibilities to our children.

What if one of them gets sick? What if one of them gets hurt? Who is going to take one of them to hockey practice, the other one to the doctor and make sure they all have clean underwear for the next day?

Mother guilt is constant in one way or another. At least it is for me. And I know I am not alone.

I'm guilty. Perhaps these shades will keep me under cover.

We love our kids so much that it trumps everyone and everything else in our lives.

But hey...at least I can say my hair is better than Donald's.  (Speaking of trump.)

Our interests, our spouses, our friends, our work, our own well-being...even our happiness...often take a back seat if it means tending to our kids the way we think they need to be tended to.

And sometimes it goes too far.

I have written about all of this stuff before.

Several times.

But here I am writing about it again because I am on a mission to make changes.

I am on a mission to make myself more a part of my life.

Does that make sense?

It sounds funny as I read that back to myself...but that is kinda my point.

If you feel that your life is more about others...even your kids...more than it is about yourself...then you are on a road to losing who you are.

Being a parent is a massive responsibility. But part of that responsibility needs to be to ourselves. We need to take responsibility for our own happiness.

And just because your children are...or seem...happy...that is not the end all and be all.

There is a great amount of truth to to the saying "if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy".

Kids are very receptive. They pick up on toxicity and have this magical ability to take on the feelings that they are surrounded with.

So if you are unhappy...they will feel that. If you are stressed...they will feel that. And of course, the last thing we want is unhappy, stressed-out children.

Change is always difficult...but it is often very healthy.

...and that kind of change is good too!

Making personal adjustments to improve your level of well-being will only prove to do the same for your kids...and the other peeps you share your life with.

It's a journey...but I have the wander-lust bug.

So here I go.

Change'll do me good!

Care to join me?



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