Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Stop, Collaborate and Listen!

"If there was a problem, Yo -- I'll solve it! Check out the hook while the DJ revolves it."
 - Vanilla Ice (Ice Ice Baby)

OK...listen up peeps!

Ice is back with a brand new invention!
(I always thought it was "addition"...until I...well...stopped and listened! this post is not about Vanilla Ice.

Or Vanilla.

Or Ice.

Although it is rather cold out.

But I digress.

And no. This post is not about love and I am not gonna pull out my parachute pants.

Good tune!

Who MAKES these signs?

For those who WANT MC Hammer parachute pants, there is a sewing pattern available.
You're welcome.

Again...who MAKES these signs?

I kind of got on a "stop sign with music lyrics" roll there...
But sadly...I could not find a "STOP...cause I really love you' one.
Maybe I should make THAT one!
OK...enough Lora!

What was I gonna talk about now?

Let me stop and think about it for a sec.

Hold on now...
OK...digressing....and DONE!

I'm back!

What I REALLY wanted to write about in the post was the benefits of stopping, collaborating and listening.

Hence the above tangents that turned into more tangents. But you know me.

The ability to take the time to realize that you are not the keeper of all of the information in the world is a good thing.

And collaboration is the key.

When you have a problem or need answers or a second opinion or what-have-you...there is always someone who can help.

And there is no shame in seeking it out.

In fact, that is the way the world works.

Finding them family, friends, co-workers, medical professionals...or whomever...who are knowledgable on the subject for which you are seeking out smart.

And then comes the listening part.

Listen to what people have to say. Listen to advise. Listen to suggestions. Listen to what has and has not worked for others.

And then take it all for what it is worth.

And THEN...make your OWN decision.

For example...all, some or none of the above could or could not be for you.

Even experts don't know exactly what is best for YOU.

They provide food for thought...valuable information...access to other resources you may not have considered...and collaborating with such folks only can enhance your own ability to make a more educated and well-researched choice about what to do in your own life.

But that does not mean you should shut out the thoughts and opinions of others.
Just listen.

And who would have thought that Vanilla Ice would be one of those peeps we should consider listening to?

Certainly not me!

But hey...that goes to show you.

Everyone has something interesting to say.

Even an old-school, cheese-ball, white "rapper".

Yo Yo!
Word to your mother!

So I said it before...and I'll say (or rap!) it again!

Stop, collaborate and listen!

(Ice, Ice baby!)



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