Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Lean Out

"Empty yourself and let the Universe fill you."
 - Yogi tea bag

Admittedly, I am a wee bit neurotic.

I worry too much.

I over-analyze things.

I get paranoid, I fret, I doubt, I ponder.


I fear.

In the back of my mind...although much further to the front than some I would guess, I see that rainy day coming and "Oh my gawd, what will I do when it does!?!??!?!?"

I pick apart little situations.

I study words of past conversations.

Did he mean THIS when he said THAT?

Is she mad at me?

Am I the worst mom on the planet because I did or didn't do X, Y or Z?

...or ANY of these letters for that matter!

In my work, I am not nearly as bad.

But when it comes to my personal life...well...see above.

During a particularly difficult few weeks this past year...a time when I was both scared of moving forward and just as scared of moving scared, in fact, that I was staying so still that I could hardly move...I received a simple piece of advise from a good friend.

This friend told me to "lean out".

And I said, "What-choo talkin' about?"

So my friend - let's call him Willis - simply repeated: "Lean out. When you are stuck and you are not sure what do do, instead of forcing an answer,  just lean out."

Yeah. I know.

Willis can be pretty deep.

But of course, then, so can I.

I am pretty sure I am thinking a pretty deep thought here.

And so - of course - I over-analysed this idea.

I pondered it.

I took it apart and put it back together over and over in my mind until it made some sort of sense to me.

It is true that sometimes you can't see the forest from the trees...until you take a step back...or a "lean out" if you will.

Forets...trees...leaning...get it?

Take time to let your gut do the thinking...and just...BE.

I think the key is to find a balance (Balance! Ah...there's a concept!) between looking very closely at a situation and stepping away from it - that is - getting your ego out of the picture - and just kind of flowing.

Just kind of hangin' out.

Just...LEANING out.

You need to do both in order to stay sane...and to make big decisions.

My friend...uhhhh...Willis...was smart.

My friend Willis.

And sometimes I ignore this advise.

But when I get too tangled and stressed and over-analytical about something his words always drift back into my head.

Lean out.

I think I know what-choo was talkin' about Willis!

Thanks. <8