Saturday, April 27, 2013

WellX Article #39: On Presence in Parenting

Hi readers!

I know you want to read them here's a link to my first thirty-eight articles published by WellX here. Enjoy!

Our children are the best teachers when it comes to enjoying life in the present moment. They don't spend much time analyzing the past or trying to predict or worry about the future. We can learn a great deal from kids...and that is what this piece is all about.

My little guy Drew finding joy in ripping up  Kleenex!

I have been sharing my posts with WellnessX on a bi-weekly basis long time now...this is #39 (I'm a writer, not a math figure it out!)...and I am so happy that they continue to support me and my writing by sharing it with Wellness professionals across the globe.

Here's the link!

Thanks as always to Brad and Mel and everyone at WellnessX for continuing to share my work and for their on-going support and great work with the wellness community!



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