Friday, June 14, 2013

Poetry Corner: The Mast

I have so many poems that I have not published...and am so pressed for time these I thought I would publish a few more as not to bore you with blog posts about...well...nothing. LOL

I am not going to explain my poems.

Like any type of art, I believe a piece should speak to the reader in whatever way it does.

And so it is....

The Mast

Because he loved her
Soft fur
Against her cheek
In but a week
Feels warmer now
She wonders how
He'll feel this time
Next year?

And yet she knows inside
This ride
A slide
Though fast
A mast
He'll build to sail her
Round their land
Sea, wind and sand
Away from here
Brush off her tear
A year
Is now forever. 

By: Lora Rossi -  May, 2012



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