Thursday, November 14, 2013

Poetry Corner: Friendship on Fire

Hello again peeps!

Sorry I have been a little slow on the upswing here...but there has been some major re-adjusting to be done in my life and somehow, blogging just needed to take a back seat.

Today, I would like to share wee poem I wrote about passionate friendships.


Friendship on Fire

When minds
In soul
In flesh…

They mesh like webs
               Flow and ebbs
               Of truth and love
               Tears from above

Fall into tangles of

This friendship on fire
Keeps them warm
               From the cold

And then they do fold
               One hand
               Into the other

Quiet moments
Under cover
            Eye to eye
            Heart to heart

What was the end…
Is now the start.

 - Lora Rossi, October, 2013