Monday, May 26, 2014


"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."
 - Maria Robinson

Well has been a long while since I've written here.

And this won't be a long post...but I wanted to offer you all a little update.

Because I know you all been on the edge of your seats wondering about me.

"Where is Lora, The Hugging Home chick?!?!?? haven't?

Gee...thanks a frickin' truck load!

Now that's not very nice peeps! ;)
2013 and 2014 thus far have been difficult years for me. 

But things are starting to turn around.

Ear worm alert!

Decided to separate after a long relationship and marriage and three beautiful boys. Sold our home. Bought my own home. Told the kids about the separation. Got through the summer somehow. 

Signed a legal separation agreement on amicable terms. Moved into my new (to me!), four BR townhouse. Experienced the high of starting a new life. Got into a relationship way too wonderful of a person that he was. 

Crashed around Christmas time. Got pneumonia. Found out my immune system was shot due to not stopping to take care of myself and stress. Found out my body was not absorbing important vitamins like B12. Got depressed. Felt anxious. Was forced to take a long break from work by my doctors. 

Me...looking ravishing with pneumonia.
I can't believe this photo was taken.
I can't believe I am publishing it!

Started getting thrice-weekly vitamin injections, seeing doctors regularly and completely overhauled my diet. Have lost over 40 lbs and counting. 

Decided to break things off with my then-boyfriend. While I cared and still care for him deeply (he is an old friend), it was just not working. 

As of a few weeks ago, I accepted a few date invitations. Simple. A coffee. A drink. Realized I was starting to feel better about things. Not because of the dates...but because I was feeling more confident...willing to put in the effort to go out and have fun. Willing to really try hard to get out of this slump.

Planning to go back to work in the next week or two. Looking forward to getting back into my seeing my co-workers and to helping people through my work.

Had a couple of really good dates this past weekend. With the same person. 

Me...just yesterday.
Looking much healthier and much happier  if I do say so myself.

Will it lead anywhere? Only time will tell. 

But today...I am feeling stronger. I am feeling healthier. I am feeling some happiness and joy again.

Lord knows I have my moments still. We all do.

But today...I am smiling.

See? Smiling again!

And my sparkle...that sparkle that so many people say I have...well...I think it is finally starting to come back.


And for that...I am ever so grateful.




  1. Rock on Lora! You radiate positivity and light and always have. You just went through some big life changes. We all do. You always make people feel amazing when they are with you and through your writing. You are an amazing friend, one of the most wicked-ass women I have ever met and whoever this new guy is...well I hope he knows a good thing when he sees it and holds on tight you gorgeous, lovely lady! Love ya! NC

  2. I, for one, was in fact waiting for your return to your blog. I have really missed reading your musings. While I don't know you personally, I feel like I know you though your posts and am really happy that you are finding your way back to you. Looking forward to future posts! Janice

  3. Oh...and you look gorgeous as always by the way! Even when you were sick! I hope your new guy treats you like a princess. Janice (again!)

  4. I like your writing style :-)

  5. I like your writing style :-)