Saturday, March 23, 2019

Be Happy for this Moment

Be happy for this moment.
This moment is your life.
 - Omar Khayyam

I have not done a free-flow random act of posting in a while.

So this is what I do. I just write and the only things I fix are major spelling mistakes but I really just keep on writing stopping as little as possible.

OK so I have been back to work on a very graduated 10-week transitional schedule and so far so good! 

Well….I think so. 

So far I have been doing mornings on some days and the last week I had two full days (and a few half days). But I felt good. I felt more in my zone this week. That felt good.

My direct boss is nice. I mean…she is young enough to be my daughter…but she is actually very much on point thus far. I give her props. I also give her props for understanding my limitations and letting me go at my own pace within reason. It has been super helpful and I expect to be back at full speed sometime soon!

Seeing my friends at the office is so great. My social world had been limited during my illness and I really did miss a few people who are still there.  Also met some really nice new peeps so I am not complaining. I have a really nice and hardworking team…which is amazing. 

Well enough about work…I will talk about my boys for a sec. 

My eldest Julian, has been accepted at a couple of colleges for their electrical programs. He had high enough grades for university, but he found something he really enjoyed and hopes to be an electrician and perhaps own his own business some day. I'm proud.

Noah is hunting for his first job. He has handed out his resume at a local baseball store. I'm really hoping he gets or - or at least something. This was all his idea and he said he wants to start saving money. Sounds like a good plan. I'm proud.

My teenagers are both kind, generous, helpful, smart, athletic, handsome boys. Not that I am biased or anything. But they are. They also can give off attitude like the best of them so don't get it twisted sister.

Drew continues to be my wonderful, difficult, sweet, stubborn, beautiful, non-stop boy. He is still only 8 and in case you don't know…8 year old boys tend to have a great deal of energy. So he keeps me on my toes and makes me melt and drives me crazy all at the same time. I'm proud.

Ahhh…motherhood. It's fun - and so much more - but I don't discuss my boys in great detail as often as before because (at least two of them) are older - teenagers - and don't necessarily want their lives discussed online all the time. I get that. Drew deserves a certain level of privacy as well.

So then…I digress.

What else? I don't know. I have generally had a good week for which I am grateful. Let's hope this trend continues.

And may your days be filled with sunshine.