Thursday, October 06, 2011

I Need to Take Better Care of Me

"Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."
– Lucille Ball

I feel as though I have hit a bit of a wall.


Run down perhaps. Trying to do too much all at once. Too many activities...not enough focus. 3 kids. Making the leap away from my corporate job to the uncertainty of freelance writing and trying to grab a hold of the reigns.


In my recent post Learning to Fly, I touched on this. (Perhaps this post should be called "Learning to Ride a Horse"?). This is kind of a continuation of my ramblings actually. Still clarifying things for myself.  I am continuing to work though the necessary processes of figuring out just where things in my life all fit in. Feeling a big is all part of the process I trust.


But one thing I have realized is that my personal well-being is slowly starting to take a back seat again.

Those of you who follow me regularly have probably read at least some of my on-going (although currently stalled!) series I'm Not Going to Let Myself Go!, and I will be returning to that...not to worry. (I know you are worried I forgot, right? No? Well...just keeping you posted...that is what I do!)

I am re-grouping. Unplugging a bit. Unsocial-media-ing a bit...and making up words along the way apparently! :)


Some thing I want to focus on include my emotional and physical well-being. Getting back to basics. Some who know me probably have noticed I have been a little out of sorts lately. are reading me right. I am. I'm good...I am just tying to find my path again. And this time I am trying to stay true to my self. My values. My priorities.

These priorities include my family, my friends, my health (mind body and spirit), my career path and the effective use of my time.


My diet / nutrition needs to improve. I need to get my ass back to the gym now that my older boys are in school. I need to get my baby who is now almost one more involved in activities with other kids his age, and I need to have more adult interaction in person...not just on-line and not just in passing at the hockey rink.

I am going to be setting some goals. Try to be realistic but definitive. I need to get organized. Get a routine. Not try so hard to be everything to everyone.

I need to take better care of me. And in doing so, I will surely be able to take better care of all of my other priorities in turn.


So if I miss a few days of posting...big deal. If I am not networking constantly...I will live.

Ouch. Ahhhhh. Ouch. Ahhhhh. (For the back story, read My iPhone: A Tragic Love Story)

But this little, humble hugging is part and parcel to what I am becoming. It is my connection to many creative outlet. A conduit to what may become a new career path. So not to worry. I will still be here!

And I seem to just be getting started...I will stop. Take a breather. Sit. Just be. Watch a little mindless entertainment on TV. Read that decorating magazine I am have been trying to get through since the summer. Get to bed at a reasonable hour. Put my feet up.

And then I'll be back. Probably sooner than soon. But I am trying.

Just not quite as hard.




  1. Lora, Growing pains :) that's what you are experiencing. Its never a bad idea to put first things first, whether others understand it or not.

    Be easy on your self. You are all you've got.

    You will grow through this. Heck, I am not even in your targeted ladies audience and my life has already been tremendously blessed by your work.

    Take it easy on Lora. She's a pretty cool girl. Besides, she is more fun when she is sassy, anyway! All the best to you. TC

  2. Lora, I so understand this. I'm in exactly the same place. Trying to disconnect and regroup and be a little kinder to myself. Not so easy, is it?

    Hugs!! Pam @writewrds